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This Agreement is sets out your rights and obligations, and those of Arcazoid, a trademark of Dynora, registered in The Netherlands under registration no. 24317392 ("Arcazoid", "we" or "us"), in relation to this site and the services offered by Dynora through the website Arcazoid.com. By registering at Arcazoid, you agree to the terms of this Agreement, and you re-affirm that agreement every time you use it's services. The end-user of our service is reffered to as "Player".

Registration and Membership

By registering, the Player confirms to be older than 18 years of age, and is not legally disbarred or inhibited in any way from participating in the games and competitions that Arcazoid offers. It the Player's responsibility to ensure that national, state or other laws to which you are subject do not adversely affect your right to participate.

By registering an account at Arcazoid, the Player grants Arcazoid to use his personal data according to our Privacy Policy.

It is not allowed to create more than one (1) Arcazoid account. If we suspect that a Player has multiple accounts, we have the right to withhold the payout of any withdrawable prizes until proven otherwise.

Intellectual and/or industrial property

All rights to intellectual and/or industrial property offered on this website like games, logo's and other aspects are owned by Dynora. The Player is only granted limited rights to use the content as it's provided through our service.


It is prohibited to influence the outcome of a game or competition by reverse engineering, cheating or altering it in any other way than in it's original form. When we have reasonable suspicion that a Player has fraudulent activities, we reserve the right to withhold any payout of prizemoney and to block the Player's account.


Any consequences or damage that might be the result of participating to our games and competitions that are offered on through our service are the Player's responsibility.

The Player must comply with the laws which apply to him in the state or country the Arcazoid service is accessed from. If any laws applicable to you restrict or prohibit your participation in Arcazoid's services, then you must comply with those legal restrictions.

Arcazoid is not responsible for any damage that might be the result from playing our games.

Player's that reside in one of the following US states are not eligible to participate in prize competitions: Alaska, Iowa, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, Maryland, Connecticut, Missouri, Delaware, South Dakota, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Vermont

Arcazoid has the right to end it's service due to supremacy.

Arcazoid is not responsible for any messages or content that is offered through our service's through third parties.


Payments to upgrade Arcazoid funds will not be refunded.

Technical difficulties with payments which are not Arcazoid's fault will not be refunded by Arcazoid.

The Player can ask to have his Arcazoid funds be payed out when his Arcazoid balance holds 20 euro's or more. The maximum amount the Player can be payed out is 200 euro's per week (Inclusive taxes).


If the Player wants to have his account and all related personal data to be removed, the Player should contact us through our contact form.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.

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